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Doc Schneider: Music

Hint of Heaven

(Song by Doc Schneider -- Sung by Greg Ferguson)
Hint of Heaven

It was New York
it was ice cold
there were hundreds of smiles
skating around that tree

I was right there
Sixteen years old
there were thousands of miles
but not one that I could see

And high up above
there were hearts winding down
there were fountains of sorrow
rumbling under the ground


And you were there to save us
like our catcher in the rye
singing your songs
with that hunting hat on
and the taxis were flying by
I swear I saw a hint of heaven
shining in your eyes

Just like children
round the rosie
they were circled around you
singing "this is a Song For You"

In that cold air
something told me
it was more than a moment
down on that avenue

And high up above
there was grace falling down
and there were anthems of glory
lifting us up with their sound


There was a song for all those people
there was a light in every eye
grace enough for everyone
even those who wonder why