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Doc Schneider: Music

Come To My House (Doc's Original)

(Doc Schneider)
Come to My House

In this daily life I'm living,
I am filled with endless questions,
like that distant sound I'm hearing,
could that be an angel's voice?

There's a hundred signs around me,
just to see the hand of heaven,
and believe that doors will open
if I'll only make this choice.


I will live my life with the Lord,
I will find His way between the shadows.
In my heart forever adored,
just like a light that shines in every window,
and when I've traveled far,
and my house is hard for me to see,
He will say "Come to my house,
you can come to my house."
He will say "Come to my house
with me."

I will hold these hands around me,
I will let the spirit flow,
And the place that they have found me,
well, that's the place where I will go.

In my search for all the answers,
there was not much I could show.
Now when everything eludes me,
there is one thing I still know -


There was a child born to Mary,
on a dark December night.
And in that cradle ordinary,
such extraordinary light.

Now that light is shining clearly,
I can see his outstretched hand.
It is love that makes me take it,
and that helps me understand.