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Doc Schneider: Music

I'll Take You Back

(Doc Schneider (sung by Jon Almett))
July 29, 2005

When the waves of despair crash around you
And they come like a thief in the night
And the sense of some sorrow surrounds you
And it's hard just to put up a fight -

When you're keeping your head above water
And you're finding it hard to hold on
And your world is all full of disorder
And the life that you knew seems all gone


I'll take you back
Just like it was
Just like a boat that can carry two
I'll take you back
Keep you afloat
I'll lead you through
I've been there too you know

And there is a shining shore
You've seen it in your dreams
And you'll make it there once more (once more)
As hard to believe as that now seems

Verse 2

Now the strength of your soul will surprise you
And the hope that you hold deep inside
And there in the distant arising
Is the glow of a beckoning light

Now your faith is a way of believing
That you have an unbreakable soul
And this life is a blanket you're weaving
Grows strong when you sew up the holes



So hold on my golden girl
We're gonna sail past that darker world
And here's what your father's for
To hold up the light on that shining shore